Priority Driven Development

This is our bread and butter. We're more than digital technology enthusiasts. We're business people too. This key aspect of our process allows us to deliver finished products that translate to real organizational value, rapidly. After we've completed an initial consultation, we're able to create a backlog of applications which provide the basis for our selection of what to develop and when to develop it. We score each opportunity based on its development time, technical feasibility, risk, and most importantly value for your organization.

Data, Data, Data

Data is all around us at our fingertips just waiting to be tapped. Your organization's future success will depend directly on your ability to tap it. The information we've gained from our initial consultation will allow us to provide you with the most valuable insights as to why, how, and when you should.

End User Experience

Having a product that your customers, managers and employees truly resonate with is one of the most critical components of deploying effective software. Part of our initial consultation focuses on establishing an understanding of how all stakeholders touch your organization. We leverage what we've learned from you to create a user experience map that becomes the foundation for developing a solution that empowers all who use it.


Scalability can often make a huge difference in the success of an application. Whether that be using a variety of platforms, By having an understanding of the opportunities that exist for your organization in the future we plan for scale from the start of every client engagement.

Our Leadership

Team Member

Michael Guerrero

Founder & CEO

A technology enthusiast, Michael understands what it means to be both practical and leverage the right technologies, when its the right time. Coupled with being considered a highly analytical individual by his peers, Michael thrives in environments where complex problems need creative and innovative solutions.

Team Member

Aaron Coplan

Partner & CTO

As a software developer, Aaron makes it his priority to develop high quality, high performance, and long lasting software solutions. In addition, he has a strong interest in DevOps and Automation, which has led to the creation of a scalable and automated cloud infrastructure for Pineal.

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