Our service to Kings of Capital

Technology Strategy

The very first step in creating the solution we created for Kings of Capital was to establish a technology strategy. What made a difference was revisiting the strategy as needed to ensure that both business and technology goals were in alignment.

Web Application Development

The web application we developed enabled dynamic content management & e-commerce capabilities. Additionally, Kings of Capital needed to have a members only premium content area which we made possible functionally but more importantly optimized by laying the architecture of a sales funnel which turned prospects into monthly paying members.

Cloud Hosting

Naturally, once we finished developing their web application, Kings of Capital sought to minimize their annual server fees and chose us as their partner to manage, deploy, and maintain their website in the cloud.

Background Image
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Content Management System

We made it possible for Kings of Capital to be able to leverage a robust content management system and dynamically manage all their on-site content that required changing on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. For an organization needing to communicate their latest positions in the Stock Market this is critical.

E-Commerce Development

Kings of Capital wanted to charge for monthly memberships to their Premium Content, it was absolutely necessary for us to enable this process by allowing for a payment system to be used which allows them to create new memberships, collect payments on a recurring basis from users, and manage everything in one location.

Sales Funnel Creation

In today's digital world the concept of a Sales Funnel that brings prospects to leads and then turns leads into paying customers has become increasingly more important for conducting business and driving sales online. We developed an interface that targeted content to users based on their membership status in order to both increase the number of free members that created accounts while also significantly improving the number of those same free members that turned into monthly paying premium members.

Premium Membership Content

What makes Kings of Capital who they are is their knowledge and expertise in the Stock Market. They had a vision of taking their investment strategies, market positions, and analyst reports to the internet, making them digital, and monetizing them in the process. We made this possible by creating a solution that was easy for Kings of Capital to manage and even easier for their users to engage with.

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