Our service to LaBella Bean

Technology Strategy

We created a technology strategy for LaBella Bean to facilitate the usage of new cutting, edge solutions that never were not accessible prior to our service.

Web Application Development

After creating our initial strategy came the execution of creating a web application to keep costs low while maintaining high levels of enterprise functionality.

Cloud Hosting

In order to maintain high performance levels for their application while keeping annual costs lower LaBella Bean chose to manage the hosting of their application on our cloud infrastructure.

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Content Management System

Updating menu items and prices for any restaurant can be a cumbersome task and start to eat up lots of value time. We provided the LaBella Bean with an easy to use robust content management system tailored to their exact needs.

E-Commerce Development

For a coffee shop like LaBella Bean in 2017, it has become crucial to consider secondary sales channels for reaching customers and increasing revenues. So that's what we created. We developed e-commerce functionality into our solution, giving LaBella Bean a direct channel to sell their coffee beans and homemade Nunny's Salad Dressing!

Social Media

Having an engaging way to interact with their audience is a very important aspect of branding for the LaBella Bean. We ensured that they could facilitate the growth of an already engaging Instagram page without having to do any more work.

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