Our service to The SEED Lab

Technology Strategy

The Seed Lab set out to pursue a digital transformation through the creation of a web application for research funds to find out more about who they are. A seeker of federal and state grant money, the ability to have a solution that drives community and collaboration proved key in helping The SEED Lab become noticed and more importantly, showing validity to who they are.

Web Application Development

Based on our technology strategy, the web application that we developed was tailored for organizational efficiency and creating synergy amongst individuals within the organization by promoting a decentralized way of managing content that empowered everyone.


After developing the application we were tasked to develop, we didn't stop there. We made sure to properly train individuals on how to optimally use our solution by creating a series of videos and documents that were provided in supplement to our service.

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Content Management System

In order for the The Seed Lab to operate efficiently and begin to leverage a website effectively we felt that the very first thing we had to do was create a content management system allowing for The Seed Lab to talk to its community about on-going news, release new research studies, and link to publications that they've put out.

Organizational Efficiency

A key aspect of the strategy that we developed was to create an environment that promoted inclusiveness while also seeking to promote efficiency. The solution we created allowed for internal users to update information about themselves and promoted a decentralized approach to managing content that otherwise would have been much slower and more difficult to manage.


From the technology strategy we developed, a primary driver for the solution we created was the ability to promote visibility into what The Seed Lab is doing and more importantly who is doing it. We created a system that allowed for tagging content to different individuals so that someone could click on an individuals profile and see their latest news, publications, and research studies they were involved in.


From the beginning we understood that The Seed Lab would not require cloud hosting because they are University of Pittsburgh organization and therefore qualify for free hosting using the University's infrastructure. So we did just that. Upon developing the web application, we managed the process to take the site from development to production on a Major enterprise network at the University of Pittsburgh

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